Saturday, March 7, 2009

Money and Wealth

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Money and Wealth

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Market Scene
by Greg Bolanos

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1. Signs and Omens

  • A person who breaks an egg and finds two yolks inside will be rich.
  • A white butterfly is a sign of impending wealth.

  • A small anthill under the house is a sign of good fortune.

  • A house frequented by black ants means that its owner will be rich.

2. What to Do/Not to Do

  • Do not put your purse or handbag down on the floor, or you will not prosper.

  • Never sweep the floor at night, or you will lose all your wealth.

  • Whoever pays his debts at night will become poor.

  • As soon as you see a shooting star, wrap some money in a corner of your handkerchief and play any game of chance, for you are surely going to win.

  • If your palm itches, it means you will receive a lot of money.

  • After you dress up and you immediately discover that you wore your dress inside-out, it means that you are going to receive money shortly.
  • Always keep a coin or money bills inside your bag or suitcase. If you don't spend it, it means you will have money for the whole year.
  • If you find a coin on the road, put it in your purse or pocket. If you never use it, you will never be short of money.
  • Give a generous discount to the day's first customer, so that your sales for the day will increase.

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